who is fucking who
a list of everyone who is fucking everyone...or at least the ones we know about.


Who is Fucking Who in Columbus, Georgia
October 8, 2010
Current City:
Columbus, GA
Columbus, GA

who is fucking who

Woke up to my bag on the porch


You’re a total bitch I really wish I never met you go fuck some new guy.

we are quite positive that she already is

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don’t be alarmed if we follow you

we’re going to follow everyone we can find from columbus, ga

ps. help us find everyone’s tumblr

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  • him: yeah so THISBITCH is fucking THATDUDE
  • her: no fucking way!
  • him: nah fer real
  • her: NASTY!
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you can’t keep a secret if it never was a secret to start.
at least pretend you didn’t want to get caught.

we have come to the realization that Columbus, Georgia is a festering cesspool filled with cheats, liars, and disease. not to say that we weren’t aware of this all along, but we have decided that someone must keep things in check. someone must call people out on the shit that they do. if you don’t keep your shit to yourself, then why should we?

we’re fucking sick of this city.

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